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Cold hands and feet, dry skin, hard to lose weight, hair falling out, tired and cold all the time can be symptoms of low thyroid function. But, how do you know?

You may even have had a TSH blood test that was in the normal range. But, there is such a thing as low normal. This is where your thyroid hormones are still in the normal range as compared to everyone else but, for you, they are too low.

At Lakewood Natural Medicine & Chiropractic, Dr. Thomas Young will test the complete spectrum of thyroid hormones, not just the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). He will compare the levels of hormones in the blood to the patient list of symptoms and to their body temperature chart in order to diagnose if the level of thyroid hormone measured in the blood test is the ideal amount for that individual patient.

Once a diagnosis of low or low-normal thyroid is made, at Lakewood Natural Medicine & Chiropractic, Dr. Young will determine the cause of the low thyroid function and will prescribe nutritional, dietary or even prescription thyroid hormones depending upon the individual patient’s needs.

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