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Our Mission: Achieving Health Naturally

In a society that is increasingly dependent on drugs and chemicals to solve health concerns, Lakewood Natural Medicine and Chiropractic provides a refreshing approach.

Our focus is first on finding a natural solution to bring you back to health, and supporting your body's natural ability to heal itself. We focus on fixing the root cause of your pain or illness, rather than simply masking the symptoms with another prescription.

Natural Health

Dr. Young: Chiropractor and Naturopath

Dr. Thomas Young is a lifelong resident of Lakewood and Tacoma, and has practiced medicine in the area for over 25 years. He and and his wife Carolyn stay busy trying to keep up with their active family of thirteen children. He enjoys water skiing, scuba diving with his kids, oil painting, and underwater photography, as evidenced by some of the art on the walls of his office.

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Patient Testimonials

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Lower Back Pain

"I have been under Dr. Young’s care for nearly ten years. All of my other doctors wanted to send me to surgery. Thanks to Dr. Young’s explanations and treatments I am able to manage my degenerated disc disease with less pain and without surgery.”

John M.
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Neck Pain

“I have been a patient of Dr. Young’s for over twenty years. He has treated me for a variety of illnesses and several car accidents. His staff is always exceptionally friendly and helpful, greeting me by name as I walk in the door. I trust Dr. Young’s myriad knowledge and experience. His diagnoses and prognosis are pretty much spot on. His wit and humor make every visit a unique experience. I have seen several other medical providers regarding my injury and Dr. Young is the first physician to actually help me feel relief. The spinal manipulation, ultrasound and massage therapy has truly helped me. I also like the fact that Dr. Young is a naturopathic doctor and I can utilize his expertise in that area as well.”

Mandy C.
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Pregnancy Back Pain

"I am pregnant and experiencing a lot of lower back pain. This is the one place that has been able to relieve the pain, and keep me happy and working!”

Sara J.
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Lower Back Injury

"Thank you for helping me with my injured back and leg. Since the clinic has treated me, the pain in my back is less severe and the numbness in my left leg is not constant. I was in really bad shape with multiple injuries and I didn't want any more surgery. When I started treatment with Dr. Young and with the staffs caring attention, I am learning to take better care of my health. You are the best, thank you Dr. Young.”

Frank D.
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Multiple Back Injuries

“I am very thankful to have Dr. Thomas Young as my primary care doctor with my back issues. I feel the chiropractic and ultrasound treatments have been very helpful in my pain relief. I feel that it has helped in keeping the spasms and tightness down. I feel that if I did not have these treatments right now I would be back to limping caused by severe pain. I thank Dr. Young and his staff for their care. It is helpful that he can refer to Physical Therapy and massage therapy if needed in the same building. He can also refer you to other doctors for pain management, MRI and X-ray needs. I am very thankful for their services and care.”

Kara s.