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Cold Laser Therapy in Lakewood, WA • Insurance Accepted

Your ligaments, tendons, joints, and spinal discs are worked very hard throughout your life. They are extremely durable, partly thanks to the fact that there aren’t many repair cells embedded in them that would inherently cause small weaknesses within the structure.

When those tough structures are injured, healing can be very slow. This is because there aren’t many repair cells to begin with, and inflammation makes it a difficult environment for those cells to effectively work in. Sometimes healing and repair cannot take place at all, resulting in chronic pain.

Cold Laser Therapy is not a cutting or burning laser. It is not painful or invasive. It is a healing laser that works because it stimulates the mitochondria within repair cells to activate them, and it reduces congestion and swelling which gives the repair cells a better environment to work in.

It is one of very few treatments that are effective for chronic, long-term joint pain.

Contact us for a consultation to see if Cold Laser Therapy would be a treatment option for you.

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