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Often patients will present with knee, hip, and low back pain that are not due to an injury. Sometimes they have diagnosed themselves with arthritis pains in their knees or low back, and may be using Tylenol, ibuprofen, or even stronger medication to control it.

At Lakewood Natural Medicine & Chiropractic, Dr. Young will evaluate what is called the kinetic chain. The kinetic chain begins in your feet, and so the evaluation will study how the feet go through the gait cycle.

Healthy feet with good arches support the knee joint which in turn supports the hips, and low back. If the feet are flat, or if they pronate or supinate, the kinetic chain gait cycle is altered, and the knees wear and tear abnormally with each step. Usually, it’s the inside portion of the knee joint that hurts the most, and the feet are not even sore.

Orthotics are very effective because they support those foot abnormalities so your knees and hips can function the way they are supposed to. At Lakewood Natural Medicine & Chiropractic, Dr. Young partners with Foot Levelers for orthotics made completely customized for you with impressions of your feet. They are even 100% guaranteed by Foot Leveler to help. We can also help your knees, hips, and low back with physical medicine and nutritional’s to reverse any damage that has already occurred.

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