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ADD/ADHD in Lakewood, WA • Insurance Accepted

Healthy, functional brains do not have focus, memory, or hyper-activity problems. At Lakewood Natural Medicine & Chiropractic, Dr. Young can diagnose whether a brain has a relative nutritional deficiency, inflammation or irritation from food allergies, or even from chemical irritation.

He addresses these symptoms with a holistic treatment approach:

• Neurological evaluation and treatment of the balance of brainwaves with BrainCore QEEG bio-feedback system, and then training the brain for optimal function.
• Targeted nutrition to support the growth of new neurons and synapses with strong myelin sheaths.
• Eliminate from its environment toxic chemicals, inflammation, and allergens.

Patients with this treatment have reported they are settled, calm, and pleasant. Their thoughts do not go round and round in their minds, their memory is stronger, their recall is quicker, and their anxiety and depression will also improve.

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