Listen to Your Body

If you have been in a car accident, and decline to be taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation, make sure that you remain conscious of what your body is telling you!

Even minor car accidents can result in spinal injuries. Whiplash symptoms can take several days to show themselves. If you begin to feel tightness and pain in your neck or back within several days of your accident, you may well be suffering from minor spinal injuries, and should consider spinal realignment treatment.

Our Experience and Approach

At Lakewood Natural Medicine and Chiripractic, we are dedicated to healing your body, and getting you back to your daily activities as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing back pain as the result of a car accident, you will receive a full diagnostic evaluation, including x-rays and a physical examination, after which you will receive treatment tailored to your unique injuries.

We know that a car accident can majorly disrupt your daily schedule, and your life. Let us help you manage the headache of managing an auto accident claim. With decades of experience, we have pretty much seen it all, and can provide you with guidance as you navigate your claim.

If you require legal advice on your car accident claim, or need more extensive medical treatment, you will have access to our referral network of experts.

chiropractor adjusting woman's neck

After an Accident

  1. If injured, call 911
  2. Remove yourself from traffic
  3. Collect insurance info
  4. Take pictures of scene
  5. Report the accident
  6. Open insurance claim
  7. Listen to your body
  8. Visit Dr. Young